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I dreamed of being an artist since early childhood.  I followed my dream through school with the intent of teaching at a college level.  During my graduate program I lost contact with the meaning of art.  All of the joy of creation destroyed by my analytical mind.  Still a maker at heart I went from blacksmithing to becoming a residential builder.  Currently my wife Pearl and I own a residential design build firm, Triple Aught Design Build LLC,  Fortunately the joy of creation has returned after a week at Penland School of Craft where I took a course in encaustic.  Encaustic feels like putting on a perfectly worn pair of shoes, everything about it feels right.  All of my thoughts and intentions are enhanced by the medium.  I AM BACK.

I realize now all of my work lies in-between two histories.  My intent is to freeze a conversation and let the negative space between be the experience.

Some #encausticpainting details from my


2210 suite 5 Leah Drive Hillsborough NC 27278

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